Medicines for Worlds Ghettos
International street sports conference
Development of appropriate infrastructure and sports events leading to progress
December 10-11  2018, Riga, Latvia, club “First Mir”
"Medicines for World’s Ghettos"December 10-11, 2018 Riga, Latvia

A conference on the development of street sport and urban infrastructure

This will be the second edition of the international street sport conference organized by Ghetto Games, one of the largest street sports and culture movements in Europe. The main topics will be the current global progression and expansion rate for street sports and the impact on the modern city environment, stimulating positive changes in urban infrastructure and lifestyles of today’s youth.

Street sports as a cornerstone for the entertainment industry

Street sports have become an important part of the entertainment industry, with a background dating back for several decades, as well as gathering a huge following all over the world. It is because of the large scale events that have driven street sports to become a cornerstones to the development of modern day entertainment industry. In this session we will hear examples of how the initially unrecognizable street sports industry evolved and became a top player in the global entertainment industry.

Street sports and culture as business opportunities

Modern street culture manifests more than sports in the urban environment. It also influences fashion and lifestyle. Clothing, accessories, sports equipment and supplements as well as large scale shows and events are just some of the business opportunities that have become a serious platform for business development. At this session you will hear the success stories for business development in the world of modern day urban sports and lifestyle.

Street sports social movements

In sports, there should be no nationality, religion or other boundaries to divide people – sport is what unites people and develops those involved both physically and emotionally. In particular street sports is used as a tool for working with the youth who are in search for self-awareness and looking for the right values in life. Various good practice examples will be shared in this session.

Street sports infrastructure in the modern city

Street sport and the urban environment are two closely related elements of the modern city. It is an increasing tendency for various leading cities of the world to improve street sports infrastructure. Find out more about options and examples in this session.

Tendencies and prognosis on the further development of street sports

Street sports as a way of spending leisure time dates back for many decades, but the way these sports activities are currently affecting the sports industry even on an Olympic scale. You will find out about current tendencies and future development prognosis during this session.