Medicines for World’s Ghettos
International street sports conference
Development of appropriate infrastructure and sports events leading to progress
6-7 December 2017, Riga, Latvia, club “First Mir”

“Medicines for World’s Ghettos”

Modern urban culture and sports along with a variety of action sports are some of the largest and most rapidly growing subcultures in the world. More and more young people are getting involved with this lifestyle and all the activities it encompasses.

Such street sports as street basketball, street football, skateboarding, BMX freestyle, inline skating, street workout and many others are one of the fastest growing sports industries for the last few decades. As part of these sports, street culture has always been there – hip hop music, street dance and graffiti.

If we look back in history, this mix of urban subcultures has grown and developed in the streets, mostly in disregarded areas – so called “ghettos”. The streets of each neighborhood or district are like a platform for young people to express themselves. The so called ghetto is a place where they evolve – physically, mentally and emotionally. The question is – weather their surroundings are leading them to good or bad?

We believe that that areas labeled as some kind of ghettos can be turned into places of positivity and hope. Street sports and culture elements can be used as tools to develop young people’s personalities, form a sense of correct values and help with different integration processes in society.

Therefore, “Ghetto Games” - a well-known street sports and culture movement in Europe - is organizing a two day lunch to lunch meeting for street sports and culture activists and leaders in order to speak about new tendencies and share best practices about how to work with society through street sports and culture platform.

Raimonds Elbakjans

Founder of largest street sports movement in Baltics/ GHETTO GAMES 

sanda brūna

Organizer of the conference “Medicines for World’s Ghetto’s” / GHETTO GAMES