“Medicines for World’s Ghettos”

Conference speakers 2019

All presentations are available here: Medicines for World's Ghettos 2019 Powerpoint presentations  

1.Street sports social impact in society

Antons Semenaks

Leader of the Ghetto Football movement

Longboarding Girls Crew 

international longboard community created in Madrid in 2010 aiming to get more girls and women into the sport and changing the way we’ve been portrayed and perceived, by society and ourselves.

Danila Kuznetsov

Estonian Street Sports association chairman

Danijel Ribaric

Founder Panna Knock Out Foundation

Agnė Žiukaitė

Illustrator & editor-in-chief of football magazine "Sveiks Valio", founder of "Overtime" street football tournament

Manvel Isadzhanjan 

Ghetto Fight movement leader (pankration competitions). Leader of fight club "Sev Arch" where you will be able to find not only high class pankration athletes but Manvels is also developing social program which introduces young people from different social levels principles of fair fight, hard work and importance of education.

2.Street sports as a new platform for marketing opportunities

Vladimir Voloshin

Newman Sport partner, co-founder IRONSTAR and ROSA RUN

Malta BMX 

largest BMX community in Malta, that runs their indoor skate park, runs BMX schools and international events. 


DGI is a sports association in Denmark that works to better the conditions for our more than 6.400 member sports clubs and their more than 1.5 million members. Together with the clubs, we make people move – for you, your team, your health and just for fun.


Fryshuset Foundation is a global non-profit organization based in Sweden that works to achieve societal change and positive development with and for young people around the world. Fryshuset promotes empowerment and social inclusion of youth, especially for those at risk or who already face exclusion. We want to empower young people, support their development and for their voices to be heard and taken into account on issues that affect them.

3.Future tendencies in street sports

Ņikita Jeļins

co-founder of rideoo.com

Tom Vegter

Managing partner in sports agency "Dr.WOOOW"

Cageball Szövetség

Street football tournaments

Lucas Škoda

Executive Director & Operations manager of WFFA (World Freestyle Football Association)

4.Street sports infrastructure

Egor Matiukhin

Street culture developer in Ukraine, organiser of street culture conference "Street Culture", Urban culture center director"

Damian Gawrych

CEO & Founder at Alternative Soccer

Kristoffer Liicht

"European Street Cup" event manager, leader of Panna House global network